Rapidly deploy a full featured insurance solution, tightly integrated with your existing systems, all through a single configurable user interface. Utilize our pre-built insurance accelerator and experience in complex systems, to decrease time to market and improve organizational efficiency. Today’s industry leaders focus on improving customer service and delivering a more responsive infrastructure for customer engagement. Implementing  Vega’s Insurance Accelerator delivers an agile foundation for improved customer service and increased ROI.

Modernize your Applications

Digitally modern companies recognize the need to transform their applications and infrastructure to be more responsive to the ever changing conditions in the market. Business users demand rapid application deployment while IT struggles to maintain control over the growing number of access points. Vega Unity enables IT to deploy applications rapidly with our modular, configurable foundation, while improving information and system security. All of this is possible through a single user interface, leaving data in it’s original location, while empowering employees to access the information they need, when they need it.


Policy Underwriting
  • Generate new policy contracts automatically
  • Utilize internal and external information when assessing premium ratings
  • Give underwriters the analytics and information they need to collaboratively assess new risk policies quickly and accurately
  • Access all related claims and financial information
Integrated Claims
  • View critical claim information under a single user interface
  • Reduce time spent searching for case related information
  • Connect internal and external systems to provide a complete view of the case and customer
  • Access all related policy and financial information
Financial Operations
  • Connect financial data through a single shared system
  • Bring your departments onto the same page by unifying payment, claims, invoices and vendor data
  • Increase operational security by locking payment viewing privileges depending employee role and authorization
  • Manage your vendor relationships through our integration with vendor applications


Read the Insurance whitepaper

The Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator comes with pre-built templates for capabilities that address Underwriting, Claims and Financial Services. Significantly reduce coding these critical elements, along with Case and Content Search, Browse, Virtual Folders and more. Read the whitepaper here...


Utilize Vega’s industry standards based integration and connectors to quickly aggregate content and structured information from your LOB systems. This information becomes available in a single user interface, and in the context of the business operation. Read the Unity whitepaper here...