Vega Enterprise Solutions Unity 7 Now Available

Unity 7, an Enterprise-class application and analytics foundation. Designed to provide actionable analytics, case and content management and data integration, Unity 7 empowers businesses to combine content, process, and data from across the enterprise into a single configurable user interface. Leveraging Lucene and SOLR tools, Unity 7 enables business operators and users to take action directly on analytics screens, significantly … Read More

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Here we go

I’m not just announcing a new website. This is the leading edge of a series of enhancements that will bring new value to our customers and partners. We have been working on this for a while and we are just getting started! Along with the website, we are releasing Unity 7. This release can tell you a lot about our … Read More

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Strategic ECM for Government

In my years working in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space there are precious few organizations that had a strategic ECM strategy in place. I have seen some organizations that have done some amazing things and was lucky enough to work with one that chose to build such a strategy and then rolled it out across the Enterprise very successfully. … Read More

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A Magical View to your Insured

I have a friend, who we shall call Harry for no other reason than I just saw the Harry Potter books in the bookstore. 18 months ago, Harry was in a minor car accident (in which no one was hurt). Harry was insured with Company A, who covered his repairs and the third party claim. 6 months later, Harry’s policy … Read More

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