Vega Xcelerate Methodology

Vega contends that experience is everything. Our average senior consultant boasts over 10 years of successful experience dedicated to ECM and case management. We retain the latest certifications, rigorously train on communications, and have created a methodology and toolkit specific to our industry. Our Vega Xcelerate methodology includes guidelines, tools, documents and development standards designed from our years of experience to ensure success in projects involving IBM FileNet and Case Manager.

Our methodology leverages highly visual and flexible tools that dramatically reduce risk, enhance communication, and speed the solution into production. We specialize in bringing together technology and the business that needs to leverage it. Blending the best of standard methodologies including Agile, RIP/RAD, and Waterfall, Vega Xcelerate is the most advanced and flexible methodology for development of ECM and case management solutions.

Our approach reduces or eliminates the risk common in IT projects while ensuring the shortest lead time to solution deployment.  By following our methodology our customers and partners enjoy flexible, extensible solutions that follow a best-practices design approach. Vega Xcelerate focuses upon minimizing customization by making proper use of existing tools, and a focus on ensuring solutions that can adapt to future needs. Moreover, our methodology rigorously identifies requirements and minimizes scope fluctuation in your project.