Vega Unity for Salesforce

If you’re a Salesforce user and you wish you could access your corporate content from inside Salesforce, or you would like to store content related to your salesforce cases directly into your corporate repository, then Vega Unity is your answer!  With Vega Unity for Salesforce, you can store and retrieve documents and other information in the context of your Salesforce Case.  Accessing documents and other content as well as legacy mainframe, databases and other systems of record information all within the context of the Salesforce environment.

 Adding Vega Unity for Salesforce you are able to:

  • Add documents to any source repository connected toUnity directly from Salesforce
  • Update and synchronize data between Salesforce andrepositories connected to Unity
  • Retrieve data, documents, cases and folders
  • View, annotate and modify documents
  • Create dynamic business objects for contextualdisplay of data
  • Perform automatic Unity queries based onSalesforce data

Supercharge your Salesforce cloudbase!

Vega Unity for Salesforce brings the proven power of Vega Unity into the your Salesforce cloudbase, providing a access to content, case, and structured information directly from your Salesforce interface.  Aggregate information from across your enterprise and make it available to your salesforce users. Best of all, your content and information is completely secured in your own corporate repository with no additional storage charges!

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