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Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator

Vega has years of experience working globally with Insurance Company’s to help them automate and streamline their operations including Underwriting, Claims, and Financial Services.  Our experience has been embodied in the Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator which offers a true 360 degree view to all information required by your underwriters, claims adjusters, and much, much more.

Do your Claims agents have a full view to all information about your customers, including policy, claims, billing and payment in a single user interface?  Can your Underwriters assess risk, prepare new policies and view Claims histories all within the same screen?  If not, then you need to look at the Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator.  Based on Vega Unity, and leveraging market leading IBM Case Manager, the Insurance Solution Accelerator aggregates information and content from across your enterprise and beyond, and presents that in a contextual, single user interface view.

The Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator is extremely flexible.  It can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud, and can take advantage of Box as a customer and supplier collaboration interface.  Now your customers and suppliers can upload information to Box and your Underwriters and Claims specialists can immediately know that critical information has been provided as it is automatically made part of the case.

Vega Insurance Solution AcceleratorShared Service Insurance Portal

Rapidly deploy an integrated Claims, Underwriting and Financial Shared Service Portal across your Enterprise. Integrate your existing Claims, Policy Registration, Premium Rating and Financial Systems with Case and Content Management all in a single UI.

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Policy Underwriting

Underwriters can develop quotes based on internal and external policy, premium rating, and other LOB systems. View related Claims and Financial information, and generate new policy proposals automatically.

Integrated Claims

Now Claims agents can see all policies, policy information, claim history, invoicing and payment and other critical information all in a single user interface. Utilize Box to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers.

Financial Services

A single shared service financial system across all functions of the Insurance Operation. Manage invoices, payments, accounts payable, vendors, and more using the Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator. Deploy on-premise or in the Cloud.

The Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator empowers your users with a 360 degree view of all contextual information about your customers. 


Some of the many benefits which can be realized include:

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Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator

Accelerate your solution deployment

The Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator comes with pre-built templates for capabilities that address Underwriting, Claims and Financial Services. Significantly reduce coding these critical elements, along with Case and Content Search, Browse, Virtual Folders and more.

Utilize Vega's industry standards based integration and connectors to quickly aggregate content and structured information from your LOB systems. This information becomes available in a single user interface, and in the context of the business operation.

Leverage the Vega Unity Enterprise Index to create a searchable index from across your enterprise and beyond. Include both Structured and Unstructured information to provide high performance search operations to your knowedge workers.

Complete information at your fingertips

Aggregate information from key underwriting business systems including Policy Registration and Premium Rating systems such as Dunn and Bradstreet, First Rate, and many others. Integrate with existing LOB systems such as Meridian, Genius and Guidewire.

Underwriters can quickly view complete information about a prospective insured, including current and previous policies, past claims history, as well as financial information such as invoices, payments, etc.

Having a true 360 degree of the prospect makes decisions around new risk policies a snap. Collaborate with prospects using Box to send forms and policy information or to collect critical documents.

When your ready to issue the policy, just click a button and the policy packet is generated, automatically.

A true 360 degree view

Your Claims agents need to have a complete view to your relationship with your insured. Now they can.

Now, they have access to past and current policy information relevant to the customer. They can see invoicing and payment history. In addition, they have access to all claims past and present.

Your Claims adjusters can collaborate with your customers using Box to collate critical First Notice of Loss and trailing documents in order to simplify and expedite the claims process. Likewise, partners and suppliers, such as adjusters or repair shops, can collaborate with the claim using Box.

Now Claims can be completed more quickly and with less risk of fraud.

Reduced cost of deployment

Deploy a shared Financial Services platform for global consistency of invoicing, payments, Accounts Payable, Vendor Management and more.

Streamline your operation with a consistent operation globally. This shared services platform supports business rules that can be tailored to each business unit or country. Further, it supports multiple languages.

Reduce the cost of your Insurance Financial operations by using the Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator.

Customers Engage using easy, well known interfaces

Your customers expect you to interact with them on their terms, using readily accessible, intuitive interfaces. When they interact with you, they expect you to have a complete view to your company's relationship with them.

With the Vega Insurance Solution Accelerator, your customers can interact with you through their chosen device, including mobile. Use Box as an easy to use interface for gathering required information for a new policy or claim. Provide customer access to Box so they can see their information easily and safely.

Now you can increase customer loyalty with every interaction.

Let Vega show you how quickly you can deploy an integrated Insurance Portal.