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Vega has been consulting with Federal, State and Local government agencies for years.  We have helped agencies automate and streamline processes and make information from across the enterprise available to workers and constituents.  Citizen Benefit Administration, Action Tracking and Tasking, Public Meeting Notification and Setup, Freedom of Information Act Compliance are just a few of the solutions that Vega has deployed in various agencies.


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In 2015, Vega and one of our clients, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management.  In fact, the U.S. NRC was not only awarded best government submission, but received best overall submission of 2015 across all industries worldwide!   



The Vega Government Solution Accelerator leverages our years of experience helping government agencies deploy successful case management solutions.  Our Accelerator provides government agencies with meaningful access to information for faster processing and a superior citizen experience.

The Foundation for Good Government

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator provides a content and case management foundation for a broad range of government applications.   By providing built in Action Tracking and Tasking with Search and Browse of all types of information aggregated from across your enterprise, the Vega Government Solution Accelerator speeds your solution to production.  Deploy on premise or in the Cloud!


Action Tracking & Subtasking
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Action Tracking & Subtasking

Providing the ability to log, track, assign and manage issues and actions in a dynamic case management environment. Log Issues and Actions, associate documents such as correspondence, regulations or other critical information. Then, assign subtasks to others in your agency to work on components of the action. Once all sub tasks are complete, the primary issue or action can be completed and closed.
360 degree view of all information
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360 degree view of all information

Leveraging Vega Unity provides the ability to aggregate information from across your enterprise and beyond and present that in context on a single user interface. Now your case workers can manage their work with all of the required information available to them in a single user interface. This includes documents such as applications, correspondence, reports as well as information from other systems and applications.
Compliance and Records Management
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Compliance and Records Management

Our solution accelerator includes the ability to automatically declare a case along with all of it's corresponding documents and content as a record for better lifecycle management and compliance. Best of all your case workers don't even know they are creating the records, but your records managers will see that the appropriate file plan and retention policies are automatically applied!
Capture information even from mobile
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Capture information even from mobile

Capture information to create a case, or to gather trailing documents for an active case. Utilizing IBM DataCap for multichannel capture, all of your forms, correspondence, complaints, or other materials can be captured, automatically classified, have information extracted and associated with a case. You can even empower your case workers and constituents with mobile capture!
Derive new insights from Analytics
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Derive new insights from Analytics

Derive even more insights into your cases and content using IBM Analytics. From being able to monitor case loads and re-balance among your case workers, to analyzing content and metadata to see trends or to even spot fraud, the Vega Government Solution Accelerator provides the ability to manage your agency operation more effectively.
Complete Case Lifecycle Management
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Complete Case Lifecycle Management

Harnessing the power of IBM Case Manager, the Vega Government Solution Accelerator provides built in capability to manage the full lifecycle of your cases. Browse inbaskets, search across your cases, interact with information and content, or collaborate with co-workers and constituents all from within your single user interface. All activities and history on the case are documented and saved automatically. And when the case is closed, it's all part of a record!

Use the Vega Government Solution Accelerator to address:

Accelerate Citizen Benefit Solution Deployments

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator provides caseworkers with the information they need to make faster, more informed decisions regarding Citizen Benefits. It automates workflows and assigns tasks to determine eligibility, expedite approvals and shorten the delivery of benefits.

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator enables citizens to enroll or file claims in person or via the web, mobile device, fax or telephone. Information for public assistance programs like food stamps, medical care, unemployment and financial aid is easily accessible anywhere and at any time. The Vega Government Solution Accelerator organizes case files and links them to the constituents record making benefits eligibility fast and easy.

Track Issues and Actions and assign sub-tasks

Being able to easily track and manage issues and actions from all sources is paramount to servicing your constituents. Assigning and tracking sub-tasks to address those issues and actions is critical for good government.

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator comes pre-configured for creation of new actions, tracking and managing those actions, assigning or reassigning them to knowledge workers, and creating sub-tasks for each action. This basic functionality can be applied to a broad range of government processes in pursuit of better constituent responsiveness.

Provide Transparency to your Constituents

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator can help you streamline transparent good government. Through built-in review and approve processing, Vega can easily transform and publish meeting minutes, public hearing decisions, supporting documents and much more to your public website. Our solutions can even enforce security so sensitive information can only be seen by those with proper credentials.

Vega has developed a number of FOIA solutions with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Take a look at the following websites to see Vega Unity and our FOIA solutions at work!

US NRC ADAMS (Uses Vega Unity as a front end)
US NRC ADAMS Electronic Hearing Documents (Uses Vega Unity as a front end)
NUREG 0933
Public Meeting Notification System (PMNS)

Increase your responsiveness to your Constituents

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator is ideal for improving your responsiveness to constituent correspondence. Letters, emails, faxes, and more can be captured quickly and easily from multiple sources. Information can be extracted from that correspondence automatically.

Actions can be automatically created and assigned to administrators or case worker for immediate disposition. Monitor and manage across all correspondence to understand and leverage service level metrics.

Setup and Manage Public Hearings and Meetings Easily

Public Hearings and Meetings are required to be published prior to the hearing according to federal, state, and local laws. Ensuring that the Notice is posted in a publicly accessible location, including your own agency website, to comply with these rules is critical to serving your constituents. Also, ensuring that an approved agenda and other critical information is available prior to the meeting must be included.

The Vega Government Solution Accelerator provides the foundation for ensuring your compliance to statutes, and having approved agenda's and materials available in a timely fashion.

Click on the website below for an example of how Vega helped the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission achieve over a 300% ROI with their Public Meeting Notification System (PMNS).

U.S. NRC Public Meeting Notification System (PMNS)

Automate and Streamline Inspections and Review Processes

Using the Vega Government Solution Accelerator, you can empower Inspectors with mobility and accumulated knowledge from previous inspectors to ensure consistent and complete inspections. Further, internal reviews and approvals can be automated, again with access to that accumulated or tribal knowledge, to ensure accurate and consistent review procedures are enforced and followed. Finally, a built in authoring system allows reports to be quickly and consistently created.

Let Vega show you how to deploy better government solutions.